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June 19 2016


August 05 2015

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Our club our rules. Hand painted banner not your generic tricolour. FC United v Wrexham July 2015 Supporters Direct Cup

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Turnstiles are gallery pieces. How many old turnstiles have I seen in museums? Lost count. This is from Boundary Park home of Oldham Athletic. Made by WT Ellison in Salford way back when. Still like that clanking sound. Admission to the green grass drama.

May 24 2015

Using Livescribe for DX Logging

May 10 2015

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Next season Stockport County will play FC United as their local derby in the renamed National North (though we will still be calling it the Conference).

The football shirt is a County one from 1907 when they tried a season in red white and not blue white. It supposedly belonged to Bert Middlemiss who never appeared for County but was registered to them before becoming a Spurs player.

Nice bit of football exhibits in the Stockport Story Museum.

April 17 2015


April 13 2015

Rediscovering short wave

April 06 2015

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March 16 2015

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Fans at NYCFC’s home opener ask the question on everyone’s mind.

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Halesowen Town has some nice old architectural features. Old turnstile made by Bailey in Salford and a nice line in iron gates with a paper sign. Lovely old ground and friendly fans who know their football.

October 12 2014

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Dog at football. We’re pitch side at Chorltonians v FC United Ladies on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The dog is called Honey.

October 11 2014

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Nantwich Town mega store. It’s for those who like to wear football shirts and have a sedentary lifestyle. Merchandise is modern football and it comes down to level 7.

October 06 2014

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Victorian football boots you’d have to be good to have any ball control wearing these. Leather, wood and nails and they still check for nails for substitute players coming on. Well they used to until recently and they certainly would have back in 1890’s when these would have been worn.

Where are they? In a glass case in Turton Tower in Lancashire.

October 04 2014

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Football or parking. For some reason I found this interesting. Like the way they’ve re-used an old newspaper advertising board.

October 01 2014

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Atmospheric night match in Salford. There is fine drizzle coming from the sky but it has not deterred the 433 here. FA Cup replay at Moor Lane and it was Salford City 0-1 Ashton United in the 2nd qualifying round.

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The oldest football pitch in the world. Bit of a claim but it’s still being used and has been since 1856. In the village of Chapeltown in North Turton district near Darwen.

This is a Wednesday afternoon and no players and no game. It would be good to have a Saturday afternoon out in countryside Lancashire. Few bevvies at the pub over the way and then the Lancashire Amateur League.

September 29 2014

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When in town go see that ground. Glossop North End on Surrey Street in Derbyshire. Posters outside the ground and camera pointed through a gate to view the pitch. Then carry on with my visit to charming Glossop.

September 21 2014

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Spotting cheap home made football posters. This is cheap. Two sheets of A4, staples and that looks like some correction in white. This is so bad. C’mon Stalybridge Celtic you can do better you’re in the Conference North with a lovely little ground in the hills.

September 19 2014

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How many times to do read about clubhouses being burnt down by cruel arsonists. This what happens to the silverware. Ruined. Recent fire at Whalley Range AFC, a club that was been fielding teams for 114 years. Let’s hope they don’t fold because many clubs do not recover from such destruction.

September 09 2014

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Odd things at football matches and meerkat soft toys is one such thing.

I’m left without comment. You might be able to see the little hand knit scarfs. You might like to comment?

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